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AGW Packet Suite for Win95

Hi all

i would like to inform you about AGW Packet Suite programs.
First of all (and most interesting) About Packet Engine.	Packet Engine is a
WIN95 program that handles the traffic between packet applications and
tnc(s). Can handle up to 100 tncs simultaniously and 100 packet
applications simultaniously.
In the zip file there is info and source code to help you write your own
Packet Program for win95 using Packet Engine as the tnc(s) driver.
So far Packet Engine supports the follow tnc types.
1.All external tncs with Kiss mode including special tncs like kantronics
and AEA(Dual port)	
2.Baycom serial 1200/2400 modem
3.DRSI cards (up to 4 sharing the same IRQ line) Including the 9600b
4.Baycom USCC cards
5.Optoscc cards
6.Petscc cards
7.OE5DXL cheap 9600 G3RUH  compatible modem
8.Yam 9600 G3RUH compatible modem
9.Sound Cards with the PSA chipset (1200/9600)

Also TCPIP over radio.Allow you to run all win95 programs available over
radio. Like this msg which is written using internet explorer 3 mail and it
is transfered over radio.
 Other pragrams that work with agw Packet Engine are
1.AGWTerminal (Terminal program with multiple channels and yapp transfers)
2.AGWFWD a unattended fwd program 
3.AGWCluster a dx cluster program

You can check my page for more info and screen shots


(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos