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RS-12 interference

Hi again...

I just recently subscribed to the AMSAT-BB. And actually my post about
my theory of the possiblity of Sporadic-E causing the problems, went out 
before I had received any messages. So I missed any previous conversing 
about the problem. In fact the only reply I got was a rather terse 
remark that it WAS the Navsat 150 Mhz transmitter. But the last ANS said 
it was only one man's theory...

If anyone would care to indulge me, I would like to bat around some 
ideas... I hope it's not rehashing something already discussed. If so I 
apologize in advance....

I have heard the interfernece described as "backscatter" & "Aurora 
flutter". What kind of signal is the Navsat emitting that would cause 
such a sound... I've worked on repeaters for years and never encountered 
such a sound caused by near-frequency interference, BUT I've NOT seen it 

Next, how high is RS-12 compared to the E-Layer? What would the E-layer 
do to a VHF signal re: that elevation of the receiver? AND, is it 
possible that the E-layer could "scatter" the signal or multi-multi
bounce it thus having the receiver hear multiple signals with constantly 
varying phases, thus creating the 'warping' or 'warbling' effect on SSB 
signals that sound like aurora flutter. 

I only suggested this because I correlated every occurance of the 
strange signals with VHF openings in my area, AND I also noticed that 
when there was no opening, NO interference. Last couple of days, the 
band openings have subsided, and strangely enough, the bird is clear.
Being a radio tech and doing diagnostics all the time... it just strikes 
me as a strange, telling coincidence. What is the operating schedule of 
the 150 Mhz transmissions??? Could be coincidence that its transmitting 
every time there is a band opening here....

Just food for thought, I find the fun in the figuring out... AND I don't 
mind being wrong, I just like to know why I'm wrong! That way, I learn 
how to be right. But to be honest, I'm not quite ready to concede this 
one just yet... anybody want to discuss it???

73 and all the bast

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