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Re: Speaking of radio...

Hi Bob,

> Other than the APT satellites, what kind of other non-amateur
> signals have you received. I am a high school physics teacher
> and in the past my students have done some analysis of DOVE
> telemetry, but I'd like to find a new project. I specifically
> would like to find a satellite related project that would
> allow the kids to analyze some sort of data. If it related
> to the typical high school physics curriculum, that would ease
> my conscience ;-)

One class of satellites that are loud and easy to receive
are the Russian navigation satellites, like the Tsikada and
Nadezhda series. You can study AOS/LOS times and Doppler
curves, and decode the telemetry (150.0 MHz FM). They
transmit an unmodulated carrier on 400 MHz for more-precise
Doppler, since the 150 MHz VHF stuff is subject to
ionospheric effects (hint hint...).

These satellites are very loud, and are meant to be heard -
despite a colleague's concern than receiving them might
mean to a knock on the door from the KGB...

Nyet! Ya nye glubyeshnika. :-)

A good reference for stuff like this is the RSGB's Space
Radio Handbook, which is loaded with experiments like these.

See either of:


for book details.

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