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Re[2]: Frequency guide url?

>Hi Ken:
>Kenneth M. Brockel wrote:
>> Anybody remember the url that made reference to amateur satellite
>> frequencies? It was a page that had all the current birds and was in 
>> an html format. Any ideas?
>For what it is worth, we will be publishing a frequency list in the 
>Jul/Aug issue of The AMSAT Journal. Also, you may want to check the 
>AMSAT News Bulletins as most frequencies are posted there too.
>Russ Tillman, K5NRK
>AMSAT Journal Editor
    You also might try: 
    which is an html version of the Dec. 1996 AMSAT frequency guide.
    Another one is  www.amsat.org  which has a host of info regarding 
    individual spacecraft.  The new freq list to be published in the
    AMSAT Journal will probably be the most up to date.
        If you call the AMSAT office Martha will send you a laminated 
    one for approx. $5 donation.
    Duane Naugle