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Re: Fw: microwave bands in use

In fact, I do have a life. I also have a job and that's to protect
the people and assets of the U S Government. I personally have no
problem the personal use of e-mail on government systems until the
name calling and childish behaviour starts, then a simple warning
that what is being sent from that computer (*@gov) represents a
government employee stating a "personal" position that could very
well be taken as an official view point. I seen people lose jobs for
alot less than what Dan had said.
				-73's de Jeff

Gary L. Memory wrote:
> Message text written by INTERNET:n8vna@AMSAT.org
> >Hey Dan-
> Are you using a U S Government computer to do your private and
> personal e-mail or maybe you're logging into a government system to
> avoid paying a monthly charge to an ISP?
>                           -73's de Jeff N8VNA
>                            U S Federal Law Enforcement Agent
> >
> > Gregory Young wrote:
> <
> Hey Mr. Jeff.....get a life.  I am a USGOV employee and I use a
> USGOV terminal to send personal E-Mail on a nearly daily basis...
> in addition to my own home setup.  We are specificially allowed to
> to that out here.
> While I have no idea who you are...and given that you are who
> you say you are, your note sorta indicates you are not totally
> in tune with each and every sitiuation or possibility with regard
> to network use on a USGOV system.  In fact, we here have
> terminals installed for the specific use of private E-Mail.
> Not a good idea to throw your "weight" unless you know the
> facts.  For what it's worth!
> Gary Memory, F/N7BRJ
> U.S. Embassy - Paris
> 101365.1113@compuserve.com