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Fw: Iridium flash software

Cliff and the group;

The software for calculating flashes from the MMA antenna panels on the
satellites (as well as a prediction service) is available  from:



Walter, VE6CQL

>At the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference this weekend, the entire
>membership was treated to the "Iridium flash".  The sight and amplitude
>of the reflection from this satellite is something to behold!  It would
>have cast a shadow. The duration was only a small part of a second.
>The time of two passes was given to the viewing audience by word of mouth
>via a telephone call but the source of the calculating software was not
>given.  Which of the many Iridium satellites we saw is not known either.
>It is entirely possible that this program is NOT available to us.  A
>search has produced the possible authors:  Rob Matson and Randy John
>Does anyone know of this software?  Even a website in which possible times
>to view at a given location would be useful.
>Having seen this event just once would inspire one to want a repeat!
>Cliff K7RR