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Re: Let's keep this God stuff on the BBS

Willmott, Paul wrote:
> All,
> Now I'm getting real sick of this religion stuff on the BBS, as a
> practicing atheist I cannot but laugh at some of the recent postings.
> Religion might be a craze in the US, but that's certainly not true for
> the whole of the world. Let's stop all the personal attacks and get back
> to the birds. This BBS is for satellite talk, not someones belief in
> witchdoctors or any other mumbo jumbo that was a fad 2000 years ago.
> Let's drop it all now!!!!
> Paul, VP9MU

Now should we care Paul if you are a "Practicing Atheist " ??

Is  THAT relevant to the Amsat Reflector  ??

WHO CARES  ??????????????????????????????????

73 de Jim   K4PYT