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Re: Fw: microwave bands in use

Hey Dan-
Are you using a U S Government computer to do your private and
personal e-mail or maybe you're logging into a government system to
avoid paying a monthly charge to an ISP?
			  -73's de Jeff N8VNA
                           U S Federal Law Enforcement Agent

> Gregory Young wrote:
> >Hi all:
> >I don't have a clue on this one...
> >What protocol am I violating on amsat-bb??????
> >I am using my email system which is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0
> >which uses Microsoft Outlook. I have setup nothing, as it configured
> >itself... I changed no settings, anywhere..
> >Have been on several newsgroups, and this is the first flame I got.
> >My message doesn't contain all caps, which I know is incorrect, so if
> >someone will NICELY educate me as to what special setups are needed for this
> >newsgroup, I will attempt to comply.
> I think I see what the problem is here. Greg is a newcomer to internet.
> He buys a computer with Windoze 95 (with built in Internet Explorer) all
> set up. Internet Explorer is set up to use another Microsoft product, an
> e-mail program called Outlook. Outlook is obviously one of those fancy
> "modern" e-mail programs that uses HTML format to produce nicely formatted
> e-mail with multiple fonts, multiple type size, and for all I know you can
> probably send messages with little bunny rabbits hopping along the margins.
> The "younger generation" computer geeks think this is cool....
> Greg sends a few e-mails to friends who also have the same software running
> on their systems, and they all think that it's pretty cool. Everything is
> running fine until the day that Greg posts an e-mail to Amsat-BB. Nobody
> ever explained to Greg that Amsat-BB is a mail reflector (it is NOT a
> newsgroup) which has several thousand subscribers around the world, people
> who are using every conceivable computer system known to man, including some
> that were probably designed before Greg was born. Many of these systems do
> not interpet HTML code, since HTML is a standard that is only a few years
> old. The older computers only understand e-mail written in ASCII (for the
> newcomers, ASCII stands for "American Standard Code for Information
> Interchange"). ASCII has been the mail standard ever since e-mail started
> out 25 years or so ago.
> Greg has never used one of the "antiquated" systems, he may not even know
> that most of the world's e-mail does not use HTML coding. He simply does not
> know that the software he is using produces e-mail traffic that looks like
> random line noise to a great many of Amsat-BB subscribers. He doesn't
> understand why his innocent request for help on Amsat-BB results in flame
> mail from the "older generation" computer geeks:
> >Damnit! If you want help, don't use that GD protocol! I will rebell every
> >time, Greg and will issue an advisory that others do so as well!
> Everything looks cool on his computer screen, so how could he be doing
> anything wrong?
> Greg also wrote:
> >I just read a post stating that the problem (with my posting I assume) =
> >is html, which is built into Internet Explorer Outlook email.
> >I will search for a way to turn it off.. but just wanted to let you all =
> >know I figured out what the complaint was, based on seeing other mail.
> >If people when they setup newsgroups have restrictions they should have =
> >a list of rules when you join that newsgroup, shouldn't they?
> >Some people are really nice to newcomers, aren't they?
> >73, Greg
> Amsat could probably try to better educate Amsat-BB users about these
> issues, but we are still trying to figure out how to get people to send
> their "unsubscribe" requests to listserv@amsat.org instead of
> amsat-bb@amsat.org,  so I don't know if there is any hope of educating
> the newbies (and some old-timers) about more advanced issues like the
> difference between ASCII and HTML e-mail. And since I am not familiar
> with Microsoft Outlook, I can offer Greg no advice on how to "turn off"
> the HTML output, or even if it is possible to do so.
> Microsoft and the other e-mail companies all hope that their new standard
> will catch on and become the new world wide e-mail standard. If they can
> sell their software to enough newcomers like Greg, the world's e-mail
> reflectors and usenet newsgroups will eventually have so much HTML traffic
> that the "older generation" computer geeks who grew up using ASCII will
> eventually give in and buy the new fangled software. Microsoft has no
> incentive to educate Greg in how to "turn off" the HTML feature on the
> Outlook program, since it is in their best interest if unsuspecting
> newbies continue to flood Amsat-BB and all the other message channels
> with their HTML formatted traffic.
> Some Amsat-BB subscribers will argue that the old-timers should stop
> obstructing progress and just go with the flow, that if the world wants
> to make HTML the new standard for e-mail, everyone should get with the
> program and junk their old mail systems. Then a few years from now they
> can junk their HTML software when the next new fad comes along. This
> is, afterall, the way that standards are often made in the computer
> world.
> So in the end I would suggest that everybody calm down. The presence
> of HTML traffic on Amsat-BB is not Greg's fault, because nobody ever
> told him about these issues.
> Dan Schultz N8FGV