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Re: html?

In a message dated 98-05-25 22:53:26 EDT, gyoung@buffnet.net writes:

<< Hi all:
 I just read a post stating that the problem (with my posting I assume) is
html, which is built into Internet Explorer Outlook email.
 I will search for a way to turn it off.. but just wanted to let you all know
I figured out what the complaint was, based on seeing other mail.
 If people when they setup newsgroups have restrictions they should have a
list of rules when you join that newsgroup, shouldn't they?
 Some people are really nice to newcomers, aren't they?
 73, Greg >>


It is a an ever changing world and you will find that many are frightened with
the changing world of computers.  Actually, after reading all of the flames
that I have seen about HTML on this list, it is apparent what is happening in
the world.  Our human nature tends to make us very  resistant to change, 
especially when we do not understand something.  Yes, education is the 
fundamental key in providing us with the tools to comprehend change in the 
world we live.

After looking at your message, it is apparent that you are using Microsoft
Outlook for your e-mail solution.  HTML format is built into the software, but
you have control over how it is applied.  Some users out there hate Bill Gates
so much they would rather continue telling you how wrong your HTML format
looks on their ancient ASCII e-mail readers.  I have an ASCII e-mail reader,
but I also understand that when I read past the ASCII section of the message
it is time to stop, since the HTML format contains the same text with some
other formatting for those who have the capability to display it properly.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see anybody offer the solution on how to prevent 
the HTML format from appearing on the mail sent from the Microsoft Outlook
Express environment.  Instead, the comments have digressed to the point that
nothing is being accomplished.  It happens every day in just about anything we
do in this society.  People tend to dwell in the negative side of the issue
than solving it.  I watched a political debate on television the other night
and all
I heard was how bad the opposing candidate would run the state if they where 
elected.  Maybe we have been brain washed by our own politicians to think the
same way.  We could probably drag that issue down to being a government
conspiracy.  Fortunately, there was one candidate who focused on what she
would do for the state if elected, while the other dinosaur brains beat each 
other over the head with the hate stick.  Maybe there is some hope.

I use AOL as my personal e-mail provider and I am sure some will say that
it is not a good thing.  However, I too, can use Microsoft Outlook with my
AOL account.  It was not an easy task and you will not find it documented
how to use Outlook through AOL, but it can be done.   AOL will even tell you
it cannot be done, but that did not stop me from experimenting (no, it was not
radio or satellite related, but I still experimented, ouch!).

Needless to say, I did experiment with Outlook enough to know that it is
very easy to turn off the HTML formatted messages for those folks who cannot
live with this change in the computer world.

You actually have a few choices in making the HTML disappear, but I am only
going to mention 2 ways that I know:

1. If you use the address book feature in MS Outlook Express, then you can
   selectively check the "Send E-Mail using plain text only" box in the
   entry for each entry.  This way you can selectively turn the HTML format
   for selective entries such as the amsat-bb.

2. If you would like to turn off the HTML format for all of your outbound
    then you can select the keyword "Tools" at the top of the menu in Outlook
    Express, click on "Options", click on the "Send" tab, click the "Plain
    option under the "Mail sending format" section (this will deselect the
    option if it was previously selected), and click on "OK" at the bottom of
    Options window.  Now, all of you outgoing mail will be sent in plain text
    without any HTML formatting.

To the rest of the group:

1. Greg was not wrong!  So do not make anybody feel like they are doing
    something wrong if you do not understand what it is.  Instead, try to make
    it a learning exercise.  If you do not understand something, that does not
    make somebody else a bad person, because they too may not understand.

2. Ask yourself how many times have you helped resolve a problem,
    without amplifying the problem with ignorance.  Everybody is ignorant
    to some degree, but that is how we learn.  That is, if we can open our 
    minds long enough to learn something.

3. It is true that this list is primarily for exchanging ideas about Amateur
    Satellites, but we should also understand that there are some who need
    help with their basic computer set-up in order to exchange information on
    this list.  So, the next time you decide to complain, think about what you
    are trying to accomplish before you start typing.  It will help the rest
of the
    group, take up less bandwidth, and it will be more productive.  There have
    been many responses on this topic.  This is not 1200 baud packet where 
    it takes hours to download a message.

4. It is true that there are some non-related topics mentioned in this message
    that do not apply to Amateur Satellites, but sometimes we have to remind
    ouselves to think a little before we are critical with somebody else.  We
    all in  this world to learn and we can do that by sharing that help with

73's de Tim - N8DEU