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Re: Signatures on AMSAT-BB

I agree with John and Chris.  This BBS is for amateur satellite related 
topics, and many of us do not appreciate having our noses rubbed in the 
fact that someone chooses to have an immoral lifestyle.  My religion and 
my politics prevent me from being tolerant of this sin.  So let's keep 
the sex, religion, and politics out of here.  And for those of you who 
think that tolerance is a virtue above everything else, if all opinions 
were equally valid, then it wouldn't matter what opinion anyone has.


>Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 6:55:17 -0500
>From: "BECK, JOHN" <jbeck@hcjb.org.ec>
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.org
>Subject: Signatures on AMSAT-BB
>>>We've all been quite accepting of the diversity of "signature 
>our reflector, and I think that reflects a proud tradition of Amatuer 
>I join Phil in his sentiments.  Perhaps Chris should just unsubscribe.
>Sorry - Dick,, but I'm going to side with Chris on this one.  When I 
>subscribed to the AMSAT list it was for the purpose of acquiring 
>information about amateur satellites. When I first became a ham back in 
>the 70's I was advised to avoid the discussion of three topics:  sex, 
>politics and religion.  I believe that is still good advice on the air 
>today and probably on these boards.  Ladies and gentlemen, the topic is 
>satellites.  Keep the great information about those birds coming!  

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