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RE: Bigotry And Lies

At 10:08 PM 5/25/98 -0400, skeptic49@mci2000.com wrote:
>To My Fellow AMSAT Members;
>At this time I am on vacation with my life-partner in Santa Fe, NM. I have
limited emal access while we are on the road. I had not planned to waste
further bandwidth on this valuable resource responding to the unprovoked
attack against me posted to this forum recently, particularly since others
responded so eloquently in my defense. However, I must publicly defend
myself against the outright lie contained in the sentence reproduced below
excerpted from a post by Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE: 
>  > Amsat was contacted and I was asked to 
>   >stop contacting kk3k because he (kk3k) had threatened a lawsuit 
>   >if my email account wasn't terminated.
>Any suggestion that I at any point threatened or even contemplated legal
action against AMSAT as a result of my email exchanges with Mr. Muenzler is
an utterly and competely false and a malicious lie. 
>Mr. Muenzler did indeed contact me to share his personal revelation from
God that as a gay man I am an immoral sinner. Had his emai originated from
his personal account, I would have dealt with his religion-inspired bigotry
as a matter of course (filters). However, Mr. Muenzle (WB5RUE) utilized the
AMSAT remailing service to contact me. I felt then, as I do now, that
AMSAT's facilities, including the email remailing service as well as the
bulletin board, should not be used for such purposes, and I contacted
members of the AMSAT BOD to make this point. However, at no time did I even
suggest the notion of any legal action on my part. This can be easily
confirmed by any of the AMSAT BOD members at that time (about this time
last year). Isn't it interesting how the moral police are not above lying
tactics in their blind determination to force their idividual morality down
everyone else's throat? 
>To those friends and fair-minded hams who came to my defense I offer my
thanks as well as my assurance that these attacks will not succeed in their
purpose. I will continue to wholeheartedly support AMSAT and I will
continue to participate in this forum and others at will and with my email
signature lines intact.
>Jim Kelly, KK3K
>AMSAT #22420
>Jim Kelly, KK3K
>Vice President, Lambda Amateur Radio Club - Openly and Prouly Gay!
>Anti-gay Bigotry and Hate are not "Family Values!"
>June Is Lesbian and Gay Pride Month - Celebrate American Freedom and

Very touching... And yet this entire WASTE of bandwidth could have been
avoided had you not chosen to advertise your sexual preferences, which is
merely waving a red flag in the faces of most people. The fact you are
_____ (insert the word of choice here), means absolutely nothing to me, one
way or the other. The problem here is that you choose to publicly parade
your personal life, which automatically opens you to criticism, flames, and

Like most 'silent Americans', I believe in live and let live. However, when
someone's actions create controversy and confusion, I will respond. This
entire exchange has kept us away from the subject of amateur satellites. I
joined AMSAT list in order to discuss and understand sattelite
communications, not to be subjected to pro-con homosexual battles. If your
purpose on this list is, like me, to talk about sattelites, then let's get
to it without the sig files that are blatant trolls. If you wish to
politicize your sexuality, PLEASE do it in a more appropriate place.

This is all I have to say on the subject. Any replies, public or email,
will be studiously ignored.