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Iridium flash software

At the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference this weekend, the entire
membership was treated to the "Iridium flash".  The sight and amplitude
of the reflection from this satellite is something to behold!  It would
have cast a shadow. The duration was only a small part of a second.

The time of two passes was given to the viewing audience by word of mouth
via a telephone call but the source of the calculating software was not
given.  Which of the many Iridium satellites we saw is not known either. 

It is entirely possible that this program is NOT available to us.  A
search has produced the possible authors:  Rob Matson and Randy John

Does anyone know of this software?  Even a website in which possible times
to view at a given location would be useful.  

Having seen this event just once would inspire one to want a repeat!
Cliff K7RR