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RE: Fw: microwave bands in use

On 26-May-98 Gregory Young wrote:
> Hi all:
> I don't have a clue on this one...
> What protocol am I violating on amsat-bb??????
> I am using my email system which is Microsoft Internet Explorer version
> 4.0
> which uses Microsoft Outlook. I have setup nothing, as it configured
> itself... I changed no settings, anywhere..
> Have been on several newsgroups, and this is the first flame I got.
> My message doesn't contain all caps, which I know is incorrect, so if
> someone will NICELY educate me as to what special setups are needed for
> this
> newsgroup, I will attempt to comply.

   The complaint was presumably in reference to the HTML posting that was
attached to your message.  Not only does the HTML version more than double
the size of the message ( because it duplicates the original text ) it also
adds a large amount of useless HTML tags.  Not to mention that many ( if
not most ) people use e-mail software that doesn't interpret HTML.

- Rich

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