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Re: Advertisement of Immorality

> The bottem line is, lets not try to offend anybody.  Lets ignore those
> that do try.  Most of us are all on this list for one reason.  Leave the
> fighting to the young troops!
> Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
> kd9kc@whc.net
> El Paso, where the sun spends the winter.
> (Someplace, Wisconsin, please forgive me for all the sunlight I get!)

Finally... A confession,   I was wondering who stole it!!!!  
You prob took the sunspots too... 


Gary Bargholz
AMSAT Area 9 Coordinator, Wisconsin
Chairman:   W.A.R. The WI Association of Repeaters
Treasurer:  M.R.C. The Milwaukee Repeater Club
Owner:      N9UUR-10   Milwaukee WIDE APRS Node