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Fw: microwave bands in use

Hi all:
I don't have a clue on this one...
What protocol am I violating on amsat-bb??????
I am using my email system which is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0
which uses Microsoft Outlook. I have setup nothing, as it configured
itself... I changed no settings, anywhere..
Have been on several newsgroups, and this is the first flame I got.
My message doesn't contain all caps, which I know is incorrect, so if
someone will NICELY educate me as to what special setups are needed for this
newsgroup, I will attempt to comply.
73, Greg
this is only a hobby.. this only a hobby.. this is only a hobby!
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From: Clifford Buttschardt <cbuttsch@slonet.org>
To: Gregory Young <gyoung@buffnet.net>
Cc: amsat-bb@AMSAT.org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.org>
Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 9:10 PM
Subject: Re: microwave bands in use

>Damnit! If you want help, don't use that GD protocol! I will rebell every
>time, Greg and will issue an advisory that others do so as well! Cliff
>On Sat, 23 May 1998, Gregory Young wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> I have just added a 1.2Ghz module in my FT736R.
>> Plan to use aircom cable to a SSB preamp, mast mounted.
>> The question is which way to go for the antenna.
>> Should I go with a loop yagi, or a helix??
>> Plans are to do some terrestrial work, along with satellite (latter is
primary interest
>> at this time).
>> For 2.4Ghz, will use a Meyer's dish, but for 1.2 thought to use one of
the above 2
>> antennas.
>> What are your thoughts/experience with this band/choice of antennas?
>> 73, Greg