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Houston AMSAT Net transponder 7

Sorry to bring this up again but we are bouncing between 
transponders. It appears for our net on May 26th, it will be 
transponder 7.

 The Houston AMSAT Net will be changing transponders. We will be 
remaining on Hughes SBS 6 but are moving to Transponder 7 Horizontal, 
6.2MHz Audio.


Bruce Paige, KK5DO                         Internet: kk5do@amsat.org
Houston, Texas                                   or: kk5do@hal-pc.org
AMSAT Area Coordinator                      
ARRL Official Bulletin Station, Awards Manager (WAS, 5BWAS, VUCC), VE                     
10-X International Contest Committee Chairman
Houston AMSAT Net - Tuesday, 8PM CDT on SBS 6, T13B, 6.2MHz at 74 degrees.
Also affiliated repeaters in North America. Also available on Real Audio at
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