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RE: RS-12 interference -- maybe due to sporadic e?

No, the "interference" you are hearing is due to a NAVSAT on 
which RS-12 sits.  It operates fairly close to 145MHz and due 
to intermod with the incoming 145MHz uplink you will hear what 
sounds like dual-tones on the CW.  It does not effect the 
21MHz uplink.

73/ kevin

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> Subject: RS-12 interference -- maybe due to sporadic e?
> Hi,
> just a quick note... I talked to another ham who described 
> the signals 
> coming back on RS-12 as being like backscatter on 10m... and 
> the lights 
> CAME ON!!!  The E-layer is causing the multiple signal effect 
> into the 
> bird's two meter receiver. Two meters has been propagating here about 
> every day in the central US for the last few weeks, which of 
> course it 
> does this time of year. And that also explains the here today, gone 
> tomorrow nature of the interference. So perhaps, mystery 
> solved and the 
> bird is as healthy as ever (long live RS-12!). Has anyone 
> else come to 
> the same conclusion??
> 73
> AC5DKevin
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