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Kantronics KP-1 (?) Controller

Hi all- I have been working the LEO birds in analog mode for some time,
and decided to try a little 1200 baud packet.

Wanting to try things on the cheap, I got a "Hamvention Special "
recently. It's an old KP-1 (?) with no user manual. 
I was able to figure out what cables I need and got some help from the
good folks at the Kantronics booth.

Does anyone out there have experience w/ this controller? I'd like to
verify the DIN plug pinout as well as my current software plan ( I have
Telix on a 386/16 laptop). Would also like to know if packet requires
more signal strength than analog.

Also, does it need clean, regulated +12vdc or will a "wall wart" unit

Any help would be appreciated.

Doug AB8CJ

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