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Re: Advertisement of Immorality

Kevin Muenzler WB5RUE wrote:

> I had "dealings" with kk3k a couple of years ago.  He, I feel,
> was trolling for flames with his tag line.
> The (lack of) tolerance of those who demand tolerance is amazing.
> I think the word is hypocritical.

Verrrrry interesting!!!    Had some like that in the army.  Then came
"don't ask - don't tell".  The most intersting statistic is, now mostly
when the going gets tough, they "tell".  These people have a right
to their way of life, it is true.  On the other hand, if I signed this with
"Young straight American WASP male trolling for good looking
young women - E-mail me at xxx@xxx.xx."  I would also expect
to get flamed.

It seems that many minorities form special groups to help push
"Their Agenda".  Now it is called "Reverse Discrimination".  But
let a group of the majority race/religeon of any country join
together for the betterment of their group, and they are labeled
as the KKK, (or their countrys equavalent).  From here to the
far east, to europe, and even South West Asia,  these problems exist.

We could ask members to refrain from putting any offensive tags
on their signature, but some would forever push the envelope anyway.
Heck, the way I sign mine could get me flamed from the city council
of someplace in Wisconsin!!!

In any case, I joined the AMSAT-BB to get back up to speed after
loosing touch with satellites during most of my carreer in the army.
If the information is useful, I will read it.  If the signature is somehow
distasteful, I will deal with it privately.  If it does not promote proper
family values, what better teaching tool is there to show to your
child (11 yr old daurgter here) what you do not believe in.  My kids
have seen many cultures from around the world as army brats.  We
learn the nations language, we follow their customs, we tolerate
their beliefs.  We didn't have to like them, but we were in their land.

The bottem line is, lets not try to offend anybody.  Lets ignore those
that do try.  Most of us are all on this list for one reason.  Leave the
fighting to the young troops!

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, where the sun spends the winter.
(Someplace, Wisconsin, please forgive me for all the sunlight I get!)