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Re: AO27

At 10:17 PM 5/24/98 -0500, Keith E. Brandt, M.D. wrote:

>Since I learned about AO27 earlier this week (thanks to the several who
>replied to my query!) I have been listening and have yet to hear *anything*
>on this bird. I'm not set up for satellites per se, but since I have seen
>several reports of 'work AO27 with an HT' I though I shouldn't have any
>problems hearing it with my mobile rig and a 5/8 wave 440 antenna. I do
>have the disadvantage of 5 kc steps on the VFO, but there should be at
>least a part of the pass where Doppler would allow me to hear the downlink.
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Most of those people using an HT to work AO-27 use a small hand-held beam
antenna.  The Arrow is quite popular.  A pre-amp is also a great help.

AO-27 has a VERY sensitive receiver.  The bird will hear an HT with rubber
duck as long as nobody else is transmitting.  The downlink however, is very
weak.  If you are not hearing anything, please do not transmit.  Every pass
I hear stations calling CQ, but do not answer when called.

I look forward to hearing you on the bird!

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