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RE: Advertisement of Immorality

>         *****     WHAT DOES ALL THIS HAVE TO DO WITH AMSAT???!!!    
> *****

Nothing at all!

However, I feel that I must put my 1 cent in (discount rate).

I had "dealings" with kk3k a couple of years ago.  He, I feel, 
was trolling for flames with his tag line.  He asked for opinions 
on his web page.  I gave mine and was immediately flamed from him 
and branded a homophobe.  Amsat was contacted and I was asked to 
stop contacting kk3k because he (kk3k) had threatened a lawsuit 
if my email account wasn't terminated.  I believe that the reason 
that Amsat didn't cave was that I forwarded all his vicious 
attacks to my email.  I remember when his Lambda club threatened 
a lawsuit against the ARRL because the ARRL had a policy at the 
time to not accept "controversial advertisements."  Naturally 
when threatened with a very expensive lawsuit the ARRL gave in.  
The (lack of) tolerance of those who demand tolerance is amazing.
I think the word is hypocritical.  Anyway, enough on this, too 
much bandwidth and time has been wasted on kk3k already.

Please forgive my tirade.

Kevin, WB5RUE