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DC Protection


Sorry, I didn't get your name, however I would think the simplest, cheapest
and quite effective method is to put a fuse in series with the supply, and
have a 16V Zener diode across the equipment side of the fuse.

If the vehicle supply rises above 16V, then the Zener will conduct, and blow
the fuse.  If the vehicle has it's battery installed backwards, the Zener
will also conduct, and blow the fuse!  Neat.

This is a standard method of protecting 12VDC-powered equipment.  Costs
about $1.20

73 Chris, VK6KCH

At 23:24 24/05/98 GMT, you wrote:
>On Sun, 24 May 1998 08:59:46 EDT, <Krin135@aol.com> wrote:
>>Beyond RCP helix loops, mast mount preamps, gas discharge lighting
>>protectors, and the best coax I can scrounge,
>That reminds me, is there a simple electrical circuit I can connect
>between my van's battery and my radios to prevent voltage
>surges/spikes from reaching my radios and ruining them?
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