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Re: Advertisement of Immorality

i don't think that the amsat-bb is the place to discuss this matter. 
those wishing to do so should do it via personal email. 

those that do not like to receive mail from someone or group that 
they feel is offensive should use the filter routine of their email 
client to delete the offending email before they have a chance to 
read it.

i routinely have my email filter out anything that has the word 
'money' in it or the word 'free' as well as email from individuals i 
do not wish to monitor their words of wisdom.

personal attitude is not something that we should be discussing when 
you already have the means to block the offending mail. if it were to 
be open for discussion, i would make sure that everyone that rolls a 
stop sign is issued an automatic ticket, goes through a school zone 
at over the posted speed limit is given 80 hours of community service 
and has ever looked at a xxxx rated web site has their internet 
service terminated. those that go gamble on the internet need to get 
a life. send a subscribe/unsubscribe to a list....you get the point.

we all have something that bothers us, keep it to yourself, filter 
what you don't like, enjoy what you do like and we will all have fun.


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