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ft 736 locked on tx


Thank You to the 7 gentlemen that offered advise on my locked up radio.

I have been following discussions throughout the last couple of years on the
736's problems, but I have had a great deal of success with this radio.

My recent problem after checking all the alternatives is going to be left
up to
Yaesu to fix for me.  I think somehow voltage must of snuck into the rig from
my sequencing system, and fried the ptt circuit.  However I knew that it also
can lock up during doppler tracking with some sat track systems, not so simple
it appears..

Anyway, I thought this the best way to say thanks to those who wrote me..
My apologies for the bandwidth.. 

I look forward to being back on oscar 10, looking for the dx soon!

73 Derek
Derek and Ann w3kr@epix.net  http://www.epix.net/~w3kr
ARS w3kr, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, FN11sk