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Re: Signatures on AMSAT-BB

In a message dated 98-05-24 08:08:44 EDT, jbeck@hcjb.org.ec writes:

 >>We've all been quite accepting of the diversity of "signature banners" 
 our reflector, and I think that reflects a proud tradition of Amatuer 
 I join Phil in his sentiments.  Perhaps Chris should just unsubscribe.
 Sorry - Dick,, but I'm going to side with Chris on this one.  >>

Please, gentlemen: take it to private email- the original .sig was TWO LINES
with no comments, followed by a long flame, and now several others. 

the New Testament injunction was to "Hate the sin, but Love the Sinner," which
is what He demonstrated. Hating people for who or what they are (notice that I
am allowing you to hate them for what they do when it affects you/yours
directly) is counter productive at best, and leads to pogroms and genocide at
the worst. Hating people is indeed NOT a Family Value that I want taught to my

If you don't like the rainbow of people represented in Ham radio, then you are
wasting your own time and my bandwidth. Take it to private email, kill file
the joker or unsubscribe. I'm afraid I have to consider Chris the Troll on
this thread.

Now, back on topic: am considering getting the Kachina rig to tie in, and then
using transverters for 144, 440, and 1.2G work. Beyond RCP helix loops, mast
mount preamps, gas discharge lighting protectors, and the best coax I can
scrounge, (I've managed to scrounge some 75 ohm hardline from the local cable
company, and am working up appropriate connectors for same), what else should
I consider? Also, I know from following this bb that the Drake and similar
1.2G converters can be weather proofed enough to mast mount. Is there a
similar 440 transverter?

Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
Member, PGBFH