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Suriname on AO-10

Hello to the group, and good evening.

Worked PZ1EH, Orlando in GJ-25 Suriname,S.A. @ 02.35 utc 
May 24, 1998.
 He was 5/3 to 5/4 into EN 90.
I was lucky enough to be monitoring AO-10 @ 145.900 (+/-)
and testing my stacked KLM's on 2 mtr.
Was able to work him, and hold off another station who did not 
hear him, until I could complete the QSO.

The other staion was VE6ITV, Scotty, who headed my request, and 
waited for me.
I was PZ1EH's 1st satellite contact, and Scotty, for his 
patience, became his second........

Hope others can catch Orlando, on the bird.
A rare contact,Suriname..... Orlando will create a few pile-ups 
as long as AO-10 is working as GREAT!!!! as it has been the last 
few weeks.

Thanks to AO-10 for allowing me to test my stack on 145mhz.

Keep up the good work.

Good luck to all
EN 90 po