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Re: Advertisement of Immorality

Jim Kelly, Amateur Radio KK3K (skeptic49@mci2000.com) ICQ 1549830
Vice Pres. Lambda Amateur Radio Club - Proud to be Openly Gay
Home Page URL: http://home.mci2000.com/~skeptic49@mci2000.com
Anti-Gay Intolerance and Hate are not "Family Values."
  I assume that since Jim can "advertise" his poor taste via the AMSAT reflector, I may respond with a countering statement:  Sodomite and so-called "gay" behavior are not "Family Values!" Nor do they promote family values even in the most remote sense of the word.  To say the least, you have NO BUSINESS promoting such filth here on a reflector not even remotely related to such!  If you find this offensive -I find your "advertisement" offensive!  If there is a problem with my position on this feel free to remove my e-mail address from the mailing list.  I will most gladly and most eagerly take any opportunity to remove myself from any association with a sodomite!
  Again, if you do not like this posting, extend the same courtesy you desire and refrain from posting such here.  If you cannot do so, then I have nothing more to say and will simply "unsubscribe."  I do not pretend to represent anyone else's position in Amateur radio but my own.
To all others, I apologize for the bandwidth.  Noah Webster once said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!"
73 de ku4dd -Chris