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Re: microwave bands in use

Hi Greg,
You might want to glance at my article in the Sept. 97 issue of _QST_, p. 57 entitled "A Phase 3D Jump Start." I'm very impressed witht he M-Squared 1.2 gHz yagi. I'm using it to do terrestrial work now and I'm optimistic that it will do just fine once we get P3D lanuched and operational!
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From: Gregory Young <gyoung@buffnet.net>
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Date: Saturday, May 23, 1998 1:56 PM
Subject: microwave bands in use

Hi all:
I have just added a 1.2Ghz module in my FT736R.
Plan to use aircom cable to a SSB preamp, mast mounted.
The question is which way to go for the antenna.
Should I go with a loop yagi, or a helix??
Plans are to do some terrestrial work, along with satellite (latter is primary interest
at this time).
For 2.4Ghz, will use a Meyer's dish, but for 1.2 thought to use one of the above 2
What are your thoughts/experience with this band/choice of antennas?
73, Greg