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Re: ICOM PC radio

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> I just noticed the black box ICOM computer controlled receiver.  This is
> perfect for our Satellite LAB at school.  I can even put the receivers
> near the roof, and run very long control cables without having to worry
> about RF line loss.
> BUT I have been burned before, by "scanner" type technology.  At a price
> of $499 and  .1 to 1300 MHz, this sounds like a "scanner".  Last such
> radios (RCI-255?) had IF's that were so non-flat as to be useless for any
> digital work on any mode FM or SSB for the amateur satellites.
> Also, where would you hook up the UP/DN connections for a PSK modem for
> tuning doppler?  Is the serial control interface fully specified so you
> can write your own software?
> I would like a good professonal appraisal before I buy again...
> Anyone have one of these?  Are there other such black-box radios?  (I do
> NOT want an internal PC card radio).

I suspect that this will work better than a "scanner" type.  Another one
you should look at is the new Ten Tec.  It is under $300 and only covers
HF (through 30 Mhz).  I don't think it is the quality of the Icom rcvr,
but I think it may well be good enough for your purposes.  I talked to
at some length and they are willing to make available information that
allow you to program your own interface (as is Kachina, by the way, but
$2000, this may be more than you had in mind).  The Ten Tech does not do
FM, though, and the range of filters available is quite limited.  Given
the price, though, it might be worth buying for experimental purposes. 
is not an internal card.

73, John W2FS