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ICOM PC radio

I just noticed the black box ICOM computer controlled receiver.  This is
perfect for our Satellite LAB at school.  I can even put the receivers
near the roof, and run very long control cables without having to worry
about RF line loss.

BUT I have been burned before, by "scanner" type technology.  At a price
of $499 and  .1 to 1300 MHz, this sounds like a "scanner".  Last such
radios (RCI-255?) had IF's that were so non-flat as to be useless for any
digital work on any mode FM or SSB for the amateur satellites.

Also, where would you hook up the UP/DN connections for a PSK modem for
tuning doppler?  Is the serial control interface fully specified so you
can write your own software?

I would like a good professonal appraisal before I buy again...
Anyone have one of these?  Are there other such black-box radios?  (I do
NOT want an internal PC card radio).