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Re: AsiaSat-3 (now HGS-1) to the Moon and back - unclassified

> A friend (who is well placed to know enough but not everuthing) asked me:
> "Have you been tracking AsiaSat-3 (now HGS-1)?  It is on its way to the
> moon
> for the second time, to achieve a usable near-GEO orbit after the 25
> December Proton launch failure."
> I had heard the whisperings, the rumours, the satellite buzzes... but, when
> I try to search on it, nothing seems to come up.
> No elements seem to exist,
> no logical satellite identifiers exist in several places I've looked,
> and so on.
> Yet the story is well known by some.
> Can someone help with an appropriate Net address to look it up?

The CNN web site has had updates on the satellite at 

Apparently once wasnt enough.  Maybe it could take Galaxy IV's 
place???  :-)

Gregory S. Williams