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ICOM bits and pieces

Hello all

I have an ICOM 271E, 471E, and 745 HF rig. These rigs have an accessory
connector on the back (for PTT, Rx in, Tx out etc etc).  My problem is
that on the 471, this connector is missing.  It's just a connector with
a bunch of wires to an edge connector that fits onto a slot inside the
rig.  I cannot find the right parts in this part of the world.  Does
anyone know where I can get one of these?

Also on the UHF and VHF rigs there is provision for a 25 pin 'D'
connector (currently blanked off with a bit of plastic).  The manual
says that this is for the "optional computor (sic) control interface".
Anybody got a couple of these surplus to requirements?


Phil Heath