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Re: Uplink/Downlink

Hi Jay,
This is not the norm and is not the preferrable way to do it, but the times
I've seen it done, it hasn't caused any problems.  The birds are so
underutilized (at least in the night time passes I frequent) that there's
plenty of room for everyone.  Other than the inability to readily monitor the
QSO, I don't know why this would cause interference to other users as the
bandwidth is the same and you can still tell when you're drifting into another
QSO.  Certainly the LSB up/ USB down convention should be used whenever
possible, but I don't think that it should be carved in stone.

There are several 2M rigs that are not capable of LSB, such as an IC-202 or an
HTX-100 (10 M) driving a transverter.  Since I hope to use my IC-202 and
HTX-100 on the birds some day, I hope people will be understanding of the
departure from the normal practice.

John, KJ6HZ

In a message dated 98-05-22 00:23:01 EDT, you write:

> I just worked a pass of FO-20 and heard  two stations uplinking on USB and
>  downlinking on LSB, contrary to the bandplan. It caused some interference
>  but I managed to hold a qso with little difficulty. Is this an acceptable
>  practice? Any info
>  would be appreciated, thanks.
>  Jay, K2FOX