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Drake 2880 Noise Figure

Hi, all:
        I had the opportunity to have a Drake 2880 MMDS converter tested
for noise figure and gain at the just-past Dayton Hamvention. Tests were
performed by Al Ward W5LUA on an HP noise meter (I forget it's number, but
it was loaned by HP for this event. It's for real.)
        The converter itself, re-crystaled for a 434 MHz IF at 2400 MHz in
measured 4.2 db NF with 20 db conversion gain. I then added the Conifer
preamp sold as a companion; NF was now 1.6 db; overall conversion gain was
32 db.  
        The above combination has been used with a Lance 21 rectangular
dish antenna (28" high x 12" wide) to listen to UO11. It may not be state
of the art, but  it does work.