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RE: RS-12 problems??

There is another transponder on RS-12 (I can't remember what
it is) that interferes with the 2-meter uplink.  It only
effects the 2-meter and not the 15-meter uplink.  It makes
you signal sound like two tones close together.

Kevin, WB5RUE

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> Subject: RS-12 problems??
> Hello all
> The last couple of evenings the downlink on RS-12 has been distorted. 
> The beacon has been perfectly clear.  I just worked Ko6CX at 
> 0430Z 5/21,
> Jerry confirms the same.  The QSO usually should be armchair copy, was
> very difficult, I reduced power to be sure I was not over loading
> anything.  Any thoughts?
> 73...Bob...W7LRD
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