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Re: G-4

Good question! I own one of these paging companys that went down, we were
back up by 5pm CDT today May 20th. Good job guys!

As I understand it now, G-4's guidance system went on the fritz and the
backup system also failed, after several attempts to regain control, the
ground controllers have lost hope. As I understand it G-4 has been lost, as
I sit here I just checked and see no video from G-4. I understand many of
the systems that made use of G-4 have been moved to other birds, also I was
told that a standby satellite will be moved to G-4's parking spot. 

I wish I knew more, I am sure we will hear more soon.

73 Dave KB9BNR

At 02:46 PM 5/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Can anyone fill me in on what happened to G-4 that seems to have shut 
>down about 1/3 of the major systems in the free world ?
>paging, weather data, hospitals, etc...
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