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Viatical Agents Wanted!

Double Your Income With Viatical $ettlements
Agents needed! for the PROFITABLE World of Viatical Settlement Investments.   Wanted Insurance 
Agents, Financial Planners, Brokers and Entrepreneurs. Exclusive direct marketing contracts are 
now available for a limited time.   
What is a Viatical Settlement?
A viatical settlement enables a person facing a life-threatening illness to sell their life insurance policy 
for cash-this allows them to regain control over their lives and have options they might not otherwise 
have, such as paying medical expenses or seeking out new treatments.  These funds can also be 
used to replace lost income and meet day to day living expenses.  Individuals may also want to take 
the opportunity to fulfill life dreams and share funds with family, friends or favorite charities.

 Three excellent reasons to sell Viaticals!
1. Great Humanitarian Program
2. Guaranteed, Fully Insured Fixed Rate     
         Of Return for your Investors 
3.  Outstanding Repeat Commissions!  7% to 26%

Westshore Agency of Michigan, Inc.