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Re: G-4

Panamsat, the owner of G-IV lost attitude control last night at 6 or so 
and the sat started spininning. They shut down the transponders to 
conserve power. They still have telemetry and can send commands. CBS and 
ABC used G-IV for TV as did NPR for radio. Another Galaxy sat is being 
moved to 99 W to replace it, as it appears to be a loss. The satellite 
was made by Hughes and launched in 1993. Interestingly, Hughes currently 
will be sending another one of its birds around the moon again and back 
to earth to try to put it in the correct orbit, after launch failed to 
achieve it. This hadn't been done since Apollo 13. Further info on G-IV 
is at http://www.panamsat.com
Matt WV1K