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Help w/FT-707

Dear Fellow Hams!

The nature of my problem is only partly related to satellites, in that I 
use a Yaesu FT-707 for Sputnik downlinks.  This request for help is more 
targeted to those of you who own or have owned an FT-707.

My first question:  Can power output on SSB be regulated?  I cannot find 
any reference in the manual or at Yaesu about that.  CW and AM has a 
carrier adjust knob, but what about SSB?  If not, that's fine, but while 
the manual says it has a nominal power output of 100W the wattmeter, 
while whistling into it to produce a steady voice peak, shows barely 
20W.  I am using the 20 amp PS that comes with the FT-707.

My second question:  The FT-707 is not modifiable to transmit on MARS 
frequencies.  However, it can operate on fixed frequency crystal basis.  
Does anybody know of a place where I could order crystals made for MARS 
frequencies?  I AM a MARS member, AAR3HW/T.

My third and last question:  My home QTH is Alexandria, VA, 
specifically, I am transmitting from the loft of my 4 story townhouse.  
Does anybody have any ideas for an adequate ground that i can connect 
the HF rig to?

Any input or ideas to any of these questions would be extremely 
appreciated.  Responses can be sent either to the list, or any of my 
email addresses, preferably kf4una@qsl.net.


Nico Kalteis

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