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Quadrifilar ant. article

Could someone please email me a copy of the quadrifilar helix antenna
construction article by Eugene Ruperto W3KH in the August 1996 issue of
QST pages 30-34.

I'm looking to make a better antenna than my home-brewed turnstile for
weather satellite reception.

For those wary about copying...

My local libraries don't carry QST. If they did, copying one article for
my personal use would, I believe, fall under the "fair use" doctrine of
copywrite law. 

I would think one of you fine folks copying the article and sending it
directly to me for personal use should also be allowed by the doctrine.

I understand the pictures in the article are invaluable in showing how
the antenna is constructed, so high quailty (i.e. large file size)
image/illustration scans would be very much appreciated.


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