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A phantom Aussie (satellite) emailer - unclassified

Please take note of this matter in case it happens to you.

About 2 weeks ago, I and about 5 other people (including some on this list)
received email from a person in Australia who didn't initially sign his
name, but, on the face of it, is/was a person  interested in getting info
on satellite systems and hardware. Evidently, he had visited our web sites
and was fishing for info based on our shack's or callsign's stated
equipment fits.

I followed this up with the him, several times, and received email from
(eventually) three email addresses.
- marybeak
- killer12
- pcwave98
With the last, he gave the name, Trent Ramsay, and said he is/was in
Brisbane, Australia.

The ISP involved is arguably Australia's biggest, and their security /
admin people took a keen interest when I brought this to their attention in

With my email to the ISP, I enclosed text for on-forwarding to the person,
saying that I was willing (as I am) to have someone local to him make
contact and inform him about Amateur Radio. (However, you can imagine that
I wasn't about to give HIM the address of a local Amateur directly. Thank
goodness, he is *supposedly* 1300km away from me!)

I am now informed by that ISP that:
"The two accounts killer12 and pcwave98 have both been closed for other
They were not registered to real account holders."

Here ends (?) the matter.

     _  .      Peter R. Ellis, Amateur Radio Op. VK1KEP
   _-' |_|\         at Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  /        \        email: peter.ellis@dao.defence.gov.au
  \_.--._ C/
         \/         RNARS Australia #1528 (see also http://come.to/rnars/)
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