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New England balloon launch May 30..

I'd like to get some good 200-300 mile and up DX reports for
this flight from some of the AMSAT gang in the northeast.  We'll
attempt to email out to the SkyQuest list at the exact time of
launch as an aid to DXers.  We're also requesting tracking reports
from stations more close by (Massachusetts, northern CT, southern
NH, and RI) who can get bearings vs. time for the balloon using
vertically or circularly polarized yagis.
If you're in the area, you're invited to come on by and watch
the launch, too.
Hank Riley, N1LTV
                     SkyQuest 2 Hamradiosonde
A ham radio equipped weather balloon will be launched between
1:00 and 2:00 PM, unless adverse weather interferes, from the
upcoming National Weather Service Open House on May 30 in Taunton,
Massachusetts.  In case of a postponement, we'll try Sunday, May 31.
The SkyQuest hamradiosonde can be heard on home scanner radios and
VHF ham radios on the 2 meter band at 145.61 MHz FM.  It should
be real* easy to hear all over eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
southern New Hampshire, and northeastern Connecticut.  After gaining
some substantial height I hope amateur radio operators with more
sensitive receivers will be able to hear the radiosonde from as far
away as southern Connnecticut, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, northern
New Hampshire, and Maine.  Maybe even parts of eastern Canada at peak
Two temperature channels (inside and out) and altitude will be
measured continuously by means of audio tones.  The tones will be
heard for the duration of the flight, going up and down in frequency
as the transmitter switches among the three channels.  There will be
an occasional morse code ID.
There is some preliminary information available at the North American
balloon launch website (listed below), but a better way to keep up
with developments (exact launch time, weather forecast, expected flight
track, reception tips, etc.) is to email me with a request to be added
to the SkyQuest mailing list.
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