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UO-22 & KO-23

Hi Guys

A tip, for what its worth:

Do you find UO-22 weaker than usual at low angles in the southern part 
of the sky (from the northern hemisphere) ?  I noticed this some weeks
ago and found that switching polarization (usually RHCP) to LHCP brings 
the signal up by a large amount until elevation gets to about 20 degrees
when RHCP is, once again, better. This happens a few times every year but
not usually for such a long time-scale. Some of that funny "propagation" 
stuff I guess.

BTW looks like KO-23 is in permanent sunlight again for a few weeks and
the deviation has risen out of my usable Rx passband. Strange, I thought
it only happened every five months but the last event was only a couple
of months back. Seasonal ? your guess is as good as mine.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

                    I've seen Deja Vu before