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Re: Fake message from Karl M.

Dear Bill,

On 14 May 98, at 0:14, William Roth wrote:

> I read a message today on usenet that purported to be from Karl Meinzer. It
> was pretty obvious to me that it was quite fake, so I thought it best to
> head it off here.
> It said that P3D wouldn't fly.
> Bunk.
> Karl would not announce such a thing on usenet. He would use the regular
> Amsat channels like ANS. So let's not believe everything we hear and start a
> big discussion on this fake announcement, OK?
> Thanks
> Bill

Your are absolutly right!!!  

NEVER NEVER Karl would write (such) a message on Usenet..

There are some rumors from non-related, un-official sources
about the launch configuration, but I will not spread this information
until there is an official statement from ARIANESPACE/EUTELSAT,
which might not be expected before the ILA in Berlin... 

I fear we might see a lot of rumors until we get something official and it's
always bad to get the news first from a "newspaper"..

73s de Peter DB2OS