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Introduction - request.

Good evening all,

            Name is Mike, KD9KC.  First started in satellites while stationed
in Germany with the Army in 1979.  Through various reassignments I just
never got back on.  Anybody remember Oscar 8 ?

            I have been retired for 3 years now, and in a new carreer.  The
last 3 months or so I have re-discovered satellites.  Sad to say, Oscar 8
is dead.  But.... RS-12 is a blast, just like I remembered it.  17 states and
32 grids already!!!  But what is this AO-10 and P3D thing everyone is
talking about?  Time to hit the books.

            What I am having a difficult time grasping is SQUINT, ALAT,
and ALON.  I am using NOVA for WIN 32, and it has place for ALAT
and ALON.  I think I understand that SQUINT is an angle from the main
lobe of the satellite antenna to your qth.  I believe ALAT and ALON are the
data that SQUINT is derrived from.  I wanted to figure this out for AO-10,
but I can find no data for AO-10 ALAT or ALON.  My questions are:

#1.  What is ALAT and ALON, and what does it have to do with SQUINT?

#2.  Where can I find ALAT and ALON for AO-10?

#3.  I just bought the ARRL handbook, and the Satellite handbook, what
other places could I look?  (WWW sites are good too)

Thank you all for reading this, and for your replys.  Wishing you all a very
pleasent evening.

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, where the sun spends the winter.
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