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RE: STK Satellite Tool Kit opinions - unclassified

I use STK in research and teaching here at NMSU.  I have used the basic 
(free) configuration to check out LEO to GEO access times and pointing 
angles.  For example, when can TOPEX or EUVE view one of the TDRS 
satellites.  This is quite easy on my lap top.  I also use it extensively 
in class to show orbital concepts, ground tracks, etc.  My students have 
also used it to do basic planning for a shuttle experiment concept that 
includes both shuttle-to-TDRS access as well as shuttle-to-ground access.

Steve Horan
Stephen Horan, Ph.D.
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director, Manuel J. Lujan Space 
Tele-Engineering Program
Director, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium
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Subject:	STK Satellite Tool Kit opinions - unclassified

Folk who have been around more than a few months will recall the flurry of
activity when "Analytical Graphics" released Satellite Tool Kit (STK) for
open (free) use about 6 months ago.  http://www.stk.com [Before you
download... it needs WIN 95 to run.]

How are people using it?

What CAN be done (and what CAN'T be done) with the basic package?

What do you think?

Any other comments?

My interest is that I'm to attend a presentation / demonstration on STK on
Friday am (Australian time) which is Thursday pm (US time) and would
appreciate some background before I get in there.

With thanks,
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