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JX7DFA, info on qrv or pirate.

Hei to all again, sorry all this writting about JX7DFA but it seems that
there's a lot of hams around who yet has not received qsl for qso's made
with JX7DFA - Per.

Well all this info goes via LA2KD who is Per's qsl manager at the moment so
it might take some days before info comes to me, but i will do my best to
keep you posted.

LA2KD reports that it is a Pirate operating with JX7DFA call sometimes, i
also recall myself a couple a weeks ago that this call was in use, but i
tried to qso him and he did
not answer my question, Per knows me and he would talk to me right away, so
keep i n mind that it might be a pirate, Annar - LA2KD reports also that Per
really works a lot on the island, he's not on vacation there, it is a
special jobb on the island and they work a lot so he's not qrv so often as
it seems.

I have translated a packet mail received from LA2KD - Annar to me, so it
will be easy for you to understand, im sorry my english but hope you will
get the point.

have a nice day all.

Here is the e-mail i received from LA2KD - Annar in Oslo.

************************* e-mail from LA2KD to LA9PJA

r 1053

Msg #1053  From: LA2KD  Date: 11-May 1120Z  Subj: JX7DFA

Hei...Per-Einar er qrv agn 10-160m f.o.m. 13.05.Han er oxo qrv 6m,
stn er IC-706:100W.

Han er ikke qrv 70cm eller 2m,det blir rett og slett for dyrt og
tidkrevende aa drakte utstyret ut til oya.Derfor er han heller ikke
qrv EME/MS.

Han er qrv RS-12 men da etter avtalt sked.Han synes ikke det er noe
spennende aa kjore H.F. via satellitt.Han har bestilt nye driver traps
til sin FB-33 og blir qrv 10-20 m saa snart de er paa plass agn.
Inntil da,dipole eller vertikal,men condx er like bad der borte som
hos oss.

Han har ikke wrkd WU1F paa 17m den 30.03.98...maa ha vaert en pirat.
Jeg ser av min egen kopi,at den dagen kjorte han bare en JA7-stn,
han var qrl jobb.

Kanskje du sender dette videre til dine fellow hams ...

73,oc es GL/DX de Annar

LA9PJA de LA1DXG   13-May 0723Z >

****************************  end of message to LA9PJA

Now follows a translation of LA2KD - Annar's packet mail to me.

********************* Translation from LA2KD email to LA9PJA

Hei ... Per-Einar is QRV again on 10-160 from 13 of Mai 1998.  He's also qrv
on 6 mt.
Station is a IC-706 - 100w.

He's not qrv on 70 cm or 2 mt, it's too expensive and takes a lot of time to
take all the necessary equipment up to the Island. Therefor he is not qrv on
EME/MS either.

He's qrv on RS-12 but only with forehand sked. He doesn't think that HF via
Satellites is fun, that's why isn't so active on it.

He has ordered some driver traps to his FB-33 antenne and he will be qrv on 
10 - 15 - 20 mt. as soon he get's them on place. Until then only dipole or
vertical ant.
but condix are so bad or same as here in Norway ( it means too bad, hi......)

He has not worked WU1F on 17 mt the 30.03.98 must have been a pirat.
I see on my copy log that he only made qso with one JA7 - station, he was
QRL on work

Maybe you can send this message to all others hams, Carlos......

73, and GL/DX de Annar

LA9PJA de LA1DXG    13-May 0738Z >

************************** end of translation from LA9PJA

73 de,

LA9PJA - Carlos Ferreira

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