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JX7DFA - Qsl info.

Hei to all.
LA2KD - Annar has told me that JX7DFA - Per Einar will be QRV from Jan Mayen til
October 1998.

He's QRV on HF, 50 MHz, VHF, UHF and Moonbounce, about Satellites he doesn't
know if JX7DFA is QRV, but I ask him if he could get any anwser on it, maybe
he will be able to do some SAT's.

Another matter is QSL's, Per -Einar has not time at all to anwser back QSL's
so LA2KD has taken the job to replay to all QSL's sent to Him (LA2KD) so it
means that if you have sent a QSL to other QSL routes then LA2KD and yet not
received anything for a long time it is better to send another set of QSL's
to LA2KD it will be sure this time you will get a JX QSL back. 

So please remember send QSL's to LA2KD - Annar with SASE to cover postal expens.

LA2KD also reports that he has gotten the JX7DFA - QSO log from 1/1-1989 to
7, May 1998 and  he says the logs are sendt by FAX from JX so it will be
updated all the time.

hope this message will help you this time in getting QSL from JX7DFA.

All the best.

73 de,

LA9PJA - Carlos Ferreira

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Name:          Carlos Ferreira - LA9PJA
Snail Mail:    Johan Bjerknes vei 5 B, N-3039 Drammen, Norway
Phone:         32-80 13 37
E-mail:        la9pja@online.no
Website:       http://home.sol.no/~la9pja/
JW-site:       http://home.sol.no/~la9pja/jw97/
LA9XR:         http://home.sol.no/~ihaanes/la9xr.htm
DX-cluster:    LA9PJA@LA8Z-6 (Kongsberg) 144.825 MHz.
LA9XR - Heggedal RU-15 Rx: 434.975 / Tx: 433.375 MHz. 
LA9DR - Drammen U-5     Rx: 434.725 / Tx: 433.125 MHz.
LA5DR - Drammen R-5     Rx: 145.725 / Tx: 145.125 MHz.
HF Frq.: 28.500 USB (everydays.)

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