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Indiana/Alabama balloon frequencies

The Indiana/Alabama balloon repeater linkup only materialized in the
last few days, so it was a bit of a rush to even get it on the list.
I'll make sure that next time at least the basic frequencies are
listed for those who only have juno or similar email-only-access.
Thanks to those who helped by replying earlier to the inquiries.
I'm pretty sure that if this experiment worked, there will be
a repeat sometime.  Windtrax launches at least 5 times more this
season with a standard package so no problem at that end.  The next
Indiana flight is WT-19 scheduled for June 20.
Hank, N1LTV
                      WINDTRAX-18 Balloon
  Region:             Central Indiana/Indianapolis
  Date/Time:          Saturday, May 9 / 7:00 - 8:00 AM
                      Indiana time, 12:00-13:00 UTC
  ATV:                439.25 MHz AM NTSC from two ccd cameras
                      (1.5 watts, vertically polarized)
  VHF/UHF Repeater:   Input - 144.30 MHz FM (VP)
                      Dual Output - 444.85 MHz FM (VP)
                                  - 52.525 MHz FM (VP)
  Telemetry:          446.00 MHz FM AX.25 1200 baud packet
                      GPS/APRS position data (750 mW, VP)
                       WB8ELK Balloon
  Region:             Northern Alabama/Huntsville
  Date/Time:          Saturday, May 9 / 7:00 AM CDT, 12:00 UTC
  UHF/VHF Remote
  Base                Input - 444.85 MHz FM
                      Output - 144.36 MHz FM
  Tracking Beacon:    28.322 MHz