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Offsetting the cost

Couldn't we to help offset the launch costs for P3D di like what NASA has
For say$1-$5 a person could have their name put into orbit on P3D. They
ussually type the names in a text file and stick it on a CD. We could then
take this CD and stick it somewhere on P3D. We would also take this file and
stick it on ythe internet and have say a JAVA based satellite tracker so
people could see where on Earth their name was at that moment. I personbally
would pay to send my name in space...it's probably as close as I'd get to
actually going there.

Cost (to get on the CD): estimated:
$2 for your name
$5 for a message and your name (there'd be a character limit)

Costs: estimated:
$5- CD
and lots of time to get it all on the CD/internet

What do you guys think?


~CHris,KC8GOQ~ A young'am